How to keep your smartphone running for the next 5 years

Microsoft is preparing to release its first smartphone with the new Microsoft Edge operating system.

The new Microsoft Phone will be available starting today and will be compatible with the company’s existing Surface line of devices, according to the company.

Microsoft has been working on a phone that’s “smart” with Edge since at least last summer and it was shown off during a Microsoft event in San Francisco.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the phone is built on a brand new Microsoft operating system called Microsoft Edge, which is designed to improve the performance of phones.

Microsoft Edge has been used on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, which have improved performance over previous iterations.

This phone will be a Surface Pro 4, which Microsoft is launching this summer, with a price tag of $899.

It will be the first phone with Microsoft Edge that will be built for Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft says the new phone will work with any of the company, including Microsoft Edge.

It is also available with a variety of SIM cards that allow it to work with all phones on the market, including Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+, HTC’s One M9 and LG’s G5.

The Surface phone is a bit more expensive than the iPhone 7, but its performance is comparable to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and the new smartphone will be cheaper than the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, according a review of the device by The Verge.

Microsoft is working with Samsung to make sure that the phone works with the Galaxy S9, which will be released later this year.

Microsoft’s Surface phones have been on sale for several years, but the company says it’s ready to start selling its own smartphones.

This will be Microsoft’s first phone that is fully designed for Windows 10.

The company is also working with Nokia on a new phone, and it’s not clear whether Microsoft will offer Windows 10 phones with Nokia’s own operating system, as the company has done with the Lumia range.

Microsoft has been releasing phones with the Windows 10 operating system in the past, but Microsoft Edge was designed to run on the company�s Surface Pro line of tablets.

The Surface Pro 3 has been available since March, and Microsoft has since launched a version of the phone with a larger screen.