The next big thing is the iPhone 6s, say people

A new generation of iPhones is on the horizon, with a range of new phones that can offer the latest features, performance and price.

But what will it be?

Here are some key questions and answers, from the big names and the startups to a few others.

Key questions and answer1.

Will it be the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus all have the same basic design and they all have an OLED display, but the next iPhone could change all that.

Apple is still waiting for the final design of the iPhone to be finalised, so it’s not yet clear what the next phone will look like.

But this is not necessarily a bad thing, since many customers will like the design of this year’s iPhone.2.

Can Apple sell a new iPhone without a new model?

The answer is, no, Apple can only make phones if they can make new models, which are a different category of phones than the previous model.

The next generation iPhone will be made from scratch.3.

Will Apple make the next version of its iPhones more affordable?

Yes, and that’s why it’s going to need to sell at a higher price than the current iPhone, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Apple plans to launch the next-generation iPhone at $999 (around £634), but it might have to lower the price to $649 to make it affordable for consumers.

It will be interesting to see how the price of the next generation is negotiated.4.

What’s the price tag for the iPhone X?

A report by Japanese newspaper Nikkei said the iPhone 10 will be priced at $859 (around Rs 4,000) in the US and $949 (around $7,500) in Japan.

That might not be a lot for a smartphone with a 4.7-inch display, as it’s smaller than most phones with the same display.

The iPhone 10 might also be priced higher than some of the other high-end smartphones, which cost around $1,000 or so.5.

Will there be a new Apple TV?


Apple has been talking about a TV since late last year.

In a keynote in September, Tim Cook said the company would launch an “Apple TV” in 2018, but it wasn’t clear whether it would launch this year.6.

How many iPhones will Apple sell?

The company plans to sell up to 6 million iPhones, with the next iteration being a 5.5-inch iPhone.

But that might not even be enough to satisfy Apple’s customers.

It might make sense for Apple to sell all the iPhones in the future.7.

Will all the phones be iPhones?

The future of smartphones is evolving rapidly.

There are smartphones that offer more than one feature, or that have different features depending on which app is running.

It’s not impossible for Apple and its competitors to make iPhones that offer all the features of each phone, including screen size, price and so on.

But it’s hard to imagine that Apple would release a smartphone that does not have all the main features of its iPhone.8.

What about the next model of Apple TV and Apple Watch?

If Apple keeps pushing for a new version of the Apple TV or the Apple Watch, it will have to include some sort of software to let the user interface on those devices.

But the company is planning to launch new devices with new interfaces and that would require software changes.

It could be a while before a new device with a new interface was released.9.

Is there any pressure to get a new iPad?

The iPad mini is coming, but not soon.

Apple wants to focus on the iPhone and Apple TV.

So while it may have to release new iPhones at a lower price than current iPhone models, it may not have to sell a lot of them to satisfy its customers.10.

Can a third-party manufacturer make the iPhone or Apple TV again?

There is no guarantee.

Even if Apple does release a new phone, it might not succeed in making it a profitable product for a while.

The third-parties may decide to build another phone from scratch, or it might fail to make any money on the device, depending on how many other third- parties have tried to make them.