Watch the live stream of the NRL Finals live

The NRL is live in Sydney and will see the biggest live action game of the year with a grand final between Melbourne and Sydney.

Key points:Live stream begins at 6pmAuckland-based live streamer LiveStreamNZ has teamed up with to deliver a live stream in the New Zealand capital.

LiveStreamNZ founder David O’Shea said the NRL had never been able to match the spectacle of the Grand Final, which is held on the weekend.

“We’re going to deliver the grand final of the league in the greatest city in the world, New Zealand,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“The world has never seen anything like it.”

It’s one of the most exciting sporting events in the country and the best sporting event that we have ever seen.

“A great number of people are going to be watching this game on the big screens.”

Mr O’Shannon said the competition for the finals had been very intense.

“If you think about the amount of talent in this game, you just can’t beat that.”

Auckland resident and live stream host David Oshannon will be streaming the NRL Grand Final live at 6:00pm local time.

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