ABC News: ‘It’s a good moment’ for Labor Party as the federal election campaign enters its final week

The ABC’s coverage of the federal budget was one of the most-watched in the history of the network, and one of Labor’s strongest in decades.

But there were some issues that the ABC was unable to address.

ABC News live: Labor’s $500 million cut to public schoolsThe ABC’s live coverage of Labor Party Senator Sam Dastyari’s speech to Parliament featured only a few highlights and didn’t do enough to make it a national issue.

ABC’s political coverage on the day: The Senate battle heats upThe ABC was forced to air the first time a Senate committee report on the Government’s $50 billion infrastructure package had been released, following a leak.

Senator Dastyaris told senators he would not accept a $50 million cut, arguing it was unfair for the country to have to pay for a $600 billion highway.

ABC political coverage at night: Labor wins the Senate electionThe ABC News 24 live coverage was one that Labor had been trying to do well in, and that the government had tried to limit.

Senator Dick Smith told the ABC he believed the Senate was on the wrong side of history, and was trying to prevent the election from being a success.

ABC Political Editor Ben Wright asked Senator Smith whether he believed it was a good time for Labor to have a Senate election.

Senator Smith said he believed this was an opportunity for Labor.

ABC TV: The Greens and the Federal Government’s proposed tax changesThe ABC reported on a number of issues that could potentially cause a political rift between the Coalition and Labor, including the proposed introduction of the GST, and the tax changes proposed by the Greens.

ABC Radio National: Coalition and Government attack each other in the Senate, but no major party attackEach morning the ABC reported what was happening in the upper house, but there was no major news to report on.

ABC Fact Check: ABC FactCheck finds no evidence of government spending cuts in the budgetThe ABC ran several reports on the Coalition’s proposed changes to the budget, including one that claimed it had cut more than $3 billion from the ABC, which was incorrect.

ABC Online: Abbott government’s new climate policy is not ‘unrealistic’The ABC published an article on the issue of the carbon tax and its impact on the economy, which it did not report on until a few days later.

ABC Politics: Turnbull to appear before Parliament to debate carbon taxThe ABC also ran a series of stories, which did not include much of the substance of the debate.

ABC Marketplace: ‘I’m not a conspiracy theorist’The program also featured a segment with Australian Greens leader Christine Milne and a story on the proposed new carbon tax.

ABC Business: How the ABC covered the ABC’s ‘Climate Change’ programThe ABC produced a series that focused on the ABCs coverage of its coverage of climate change, including a piece on the climate change program that was broadcast on October 18, and another on the coverage of a story about the budget.

ABC Morning: ‘Not all politicians are as bad as others’The report also included a discussion of how some politicians were perceived to be less progressive than others.

The report also covered the Abbott government, and how that had affected the program.

ABC Weekend: ABC’s Rachel Martin on the ‘climate crisis’ and ‘climate change’ issueThe ABC carried two stories about the government’s response to the climate crisis, which the program covered throughout the day.

ABC Late: ABC Lateline: The Abbott government responds to the global climate crisisABC Lateline airs from 11:00am to 2:00pm AEDT on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

It airs on ABC Television 24 on Saturdays.

It is available to watch on ABC iview, ABC NewsRadio and ABC News.ABC News Breakfast: ‘The government’s ‘green agenda’ isn’t working’The day began with a report on a report by the ABC that the new carbon price would have a negative impact on jobs and businesses, and cost taxpayers $1 billion.

That report was then followed by a story that a report from the National Farmers Union (NFU) had found the carbon price was not working, with farmers losing about $1.2 billion.

The ABC ran a story from the NRU which stated farmers had lost about $800 million from the carbon pricing policy, and estimated that farmers had not lost a single dollar in revenue.

ABC Indigenous: Indigenous people in the world ABC News Tonight: The Indigenous Australians’ campaign for Indigenous rightsABC Indigenous ran a report that said the Indigenous Australians had a strong grassroots campaign to secure their rights, and they would not let the election be a distraction from that.

ABC RN Breakfast: Indigenous Australia’s response The ABC News Breakfast ran a special report on Indigenous Australians, who were in the spotlight during the election campaign.

ABC Health: ‘We’ve got to do more’The morning started with a story which focused on a government initiative to provide free dental