Colts get ‘unbelievable’ performance from LB Darrelle Revis

Indianapolis — The Indianapolis Colts didn’t give up on their long-time star linebacker Darrelles Revis.

And it wasn’t because of the injury he suffered in Week 5.

The Indianapolis Colts won their first Super Bowl title since 2006 when they beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-14 in overtime to win the NFC East.

In that game, Revis, who was injured in the first half, had his helmet knocked off by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The injury has been a major storyline since, and it has been the biggest storyline of the NFL season.

The Colts are now 9-2 in overtime games, with wins over the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars.

They also are the only team to win in OT since 2004.

They are now the third team to clinch a playoff berth with a win in overtime in the NFL.

The other two are the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Colts beat the Cowboys 27-13 on Monday night to get into the NFC playoff picture.

The Cowboys won their second straight game.

The Cowboys had the edge in points with 24, but they didn’t have the field position advantage they would have had in the second half.

The 49ers were the ones who had the advantage.

In the first two OT games, the Colts had a 9-0 lead heading into halftime.

In the third OT, the score was 10-7.

The third OT game of the overtime series was a disaster for the Cowboys, who lost both the first and second OT games to lose the game 21-17.

The teams went into overtime tied at 17.

The fourth OT game ended in a Cowboys win, 17-16.

The overtime series continued until the Colts tied it at 17 again with 2:35 left in the fourth OT.

The second OT game was also a disaster.

The score was tied at 16 with 2 minutes remaining in the third overtime.

The third OT was also in the Dallas’ favor, with the score tied at 15.

The second OT also ended in the Cowboys’ favor with the Colts having the ball at the Cowboys 1.

That set up the third-and-3 at the Colts’ 23.

The first OT game didn’t go well for the Colts, who had a 3-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne on third-down conversion.

Wayne then returned a punt 64 yards for a touchdown.

But he hit a deflection at the Dallas 23.

After the second OT, both teams scored on the first-and/or second-down conversions.

The score was 27-14 after a 3rd-and 2 from the Dallas 44.

On the Cowboys first drive of OT, Chris Harris had a 6-yard gain to the Dallas 2.

The goal went for a 3, but the Colts recovered it at the 10.

On a third-quarter drive, Tim Tebow ran for a 1-yard TD to the Colts 2.

That was the game-winning drive for the Texans.

On third-string quarterback Ryan Mallett’s only play, he had a 7-yard completion to Brandon Myers for a first down.

The TD was returned by Matt Hasselbeck for a 27-17 lead.

After that, the teams went at it again in OT.

Mallett had a 27, the Texans recovered and Mallett went 28 for 35 for 317 yards and three touchdowns.

But the Colts did have the first down at the 3.

The Texans scored again and the Colts took a 23-21 lead.

On fourth-and -8 from the Texans 40, Josh Lambo went for an 8-yard score.

But after a penalty, it was picked off by Tebow.

On sixth-and —8, the defense held the Texans to 1 yard and a first-down stop on third down.

On seventh-and –8, Harris ran for his first TD.

On eighth-and —8, Josh Reynolds went up for a 5-yard run.

On ninth-and, the ball was snapped.

On 10-yard play from the Colts 10, Tebow fumbled on third and 5.

On the Texans’ second play of OT at the 15, Tim Wright hit the short post to the end zone.

On his third play, Reynolds made a 20-yard field goal.

The final play was a field goal to give the Colts a 31-31 lead.

Tebow’s only touchdown of OT came on a 10-play, 62-yard drive to the Texans 21.

On second down, Tebows 13-yard pass to Austin Collie was intercepted by Ryan Kelly.

The interception was returned for a 23 of the Colts 34.

The play ended in an 8th-and no-call.

On seventh-down play from a three-yard line, Josh LeRibeus hit LeGarrette Blount in stride for a 6, and he got the ball back with 2 seconds remaining in overtime.

He made a 2-yard catch and ran for 26 yards.

On fourth-down, a touchdown pass by