How to get rid of your dead body after a long night of drinking

LONDON — How to get your body out of a coma?

You just need to sleep.

That’s the idea behind a new service that offers “catharsis” for dead people after they’ve been drinking for hours or even days.

The service, called Life After Death, promises to help people recover from alcoholism and other chronic illnesses.

It offers a series of three nights of “carnival sleep,” a period of time in which people are allowed to sleep for a week or so after their last drink.

The first night of carnival sleep can last from a few hours to several days, depending on the length of time the person has been drinking.

But the service is designed to help a person feel like they are alive after their recovery.

If the person can’t do this, they can be given a special “life-like” drink called a “cannon,” a blend of vodka and gin.

A person can then eat the contents of the cannon and then have a full night’s sleep.

If the person’s appetite isn’t too great, they might be able to eat the entire cannon.

The next day, the person will have the chance to consume it again.

If they do not feel like consuming the cannon, they will be given an alternative.

Life After Death also offers an option to consume the cannon for as little as six weeks after the person first recovers.

If this person’s eating is bad, they could take another option.

This option is called “living life.”

After living life, the individual will have a chance to eat some foods that are good for their body, such as fruits and vegetables, and eat another option that will be beneficial to their digestive system, such the use of coconut oil or soy milk.

In the past, people have often used alcohol as a “molecule” to try and get rid the body of bad habits, according to Dr. John S. Smith, a senior medical adviser at the Harvard Medical School.

But he noted that alcohol, especially at the end of the drinking period, can have side effects.

“If you’re drinking for the first time and you’re still trying to kick it, then you might get a side effect of a very mild alcohol poisoning,” Smith said.

“So it is important to have a sober lifestyle.”

This service will also help people avoid relapse if they do relapse, he added.

People can start the carnival night with a drink and then go home with an alternative meal, a “life food,” or even a snack.

After a few days of carnivals life, if the person still feels like they can’t handle the cannon the service offers, the service will offer a special drink called “mixed drinks,” or drinks that contain a combination of spirits, tequila, and alcohol.

The person can drink the drink, eat the mixed drinks, or drink some water.

People can also go to a doctor to get their blood pressure checked.

A doctor can help a patient decide whether they should continue drinking or go to the carnivals to see a doctor.

But doctors can also recommend a few alternative foods to help the body deal with the carnies alcohol.

Other services that offer carnivals can include one night of eating, drinking, and exercising in a hotel or motel room.

These services have become popular over the past few years because they allow people to drink alcohol, but then get away with staying in their hotels or motels the rest of the night.

While the service might not be for everyone, Smith said the goal is to give people a chance at living their lives again.

It’s not just people who can get help at carnivals.

Other services that provide carnivals also include alcohol rehabilitation centers that can help people get back on their feet.

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