How to watch live TV online on Hulu Live TV

Hulu has released live TV streaming options for the US, including an updated version of its streaming app for Roku.

The app, called Hulu Live, is now available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.

Hulu has also added support for Chromecast and a variety of streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Xbox One, Apple TV Stick, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Smart TV.

The update also adds Hulu Plus, Hulu Plus Movies and Hulu Plus TV.

“The live TV app for our devices is the perfect complement to Hulu Live,” said Mike Yach, general manager of content for Hulu.

“Hulu Live makes it easy to watch your favorite shows on the big screen without having to switch to another app.”

The Hulu Live app was recently redesigned for Android and Apple TV.

In addition to live TV and video, Hulu is adding streaming features for select sports, news and more.

It also allows you to watch and record video on Hulu Plus and Hulu Now, Hulu’s subscription service, as well as Hulu Plus’ YouTube app.

Hulu also launched its first-ever live-streamed Olympics coverage in Rio de Janeiro.

The live stream begins at 7am PT on August 6 and will be available to watch in the US and Canada.

Hulu said the app will also be available on Apple TV 4, Amazon TV, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku TVs, Xbox Ones, Apple iOS devices, Android phones, Windows Phones and other smart TVs. 

You can watch the live stream for free on Hulu’s app store.

The Hulu app was previously available on Roku devices. 

Hulu Plus, which allows users to watch over 30,000 TV shows, movies, TV shows and other content on Hulu, is also now available on iPhone, iPads, Android, Windows and other mobile devices.

It’s also available on Chromecast devices.

“Today, Hulu has a powerful and versatile app that lets people stream their favorite content on the biggest screen,” said Hulu’s Mike Yachel, general head of content and business development.

“As we continue to grow Hulu Plus across platforms, we’ll continue to expand our live TV offerings to bring more great shows to consumers around the world.”

The Hulu app has also been updated to include new live TV shows including “Game of Thrones,” “American Idol,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Modern Family,” “Survivor,” “Stranger Things,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Game Night” and more, according to Hulu.

Hulu also announced plans to stream “Downton Abbey” at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.