Why ‘live’ is a more accurate word for ‘live,’ says Rohan Subramanian

Live is a verb, and it means to be alive.

In India, it’s a verb used to describe life after death.

But it can also refer to living in a state of constant motion, whether it’s the movement of a person or a vehicle on a road, or a person’s ability to move in the space of a few feet.

A person who is in a car or a wheelchair, say, will live as long as the car or wheelchair is moving.

This means they will never die.

But if the person is on a treadmill, a treadmill will keep running for a while, but they won’t be able to go on.

This is what Live means.

In the world of sport, this term comes from the fact that athletes live on the track.

But in India, there is no such thing as a treadmill in a race or a golf course.

Instead, the country’s sportswomen live on track, as opposed to on the streets.

Live means living in the moment.

And the best way to live in this moment is by getting to know others, as a sport, as an individual, and as a society.

We live in an age when we are surrounded by technology, where we can see things through the lens of our phones, and social media, and even through the Internet.

But we are also surrounded by our people, our families, and the people of our countries, who are our lifeline and are part of our communities.

Our people are the lifeblood of our society.

There are many ways of living in our country.

We are a country of immigrants, people who came to India from other countries, and who lived in various parts of the country for centuries.

Today, there are more Indians in the country than any other people.

So in India we have different cultures, different religions, different languages, and different cultures and religions.

But all of these come together as a single culture.

Live is what we do live in.

This word has become an integral part of the Indian language.

This term has come to mean living and being alive.

Live was first used in a book by the British writer David Hume in the 17th century.

He called it live.

It was later adopted by English historian Christopher Hovey in the 20th century and it was widely used in India during the 1980s by many politicians and intellectuals.

Live also has roots in Latin.

It means “live” in the same way as “live”, and also refers to living as a person.

A live person is a person who lives in the present.

Live as an activity, such as walking or working, means that the person has moved, and they are living in an ever-changing space.

This can mean the space being a place where you have been and can’t leave, or it can mean an endless journey.

There is also an expression, “live on the street”, which means that a person is living in their city, or in the city of their home.

People have different life goals, different dreams, and live as individuals with different needs.

Live and be alive means living and living in this time, this moment.

In this life, we live in the midst of the past, and we have to live through the present, which is always changing.

Live has also become the official name for a new breed of sports.

There was a time when Indian sports was just a hobby.

But over the past three decades, the sport has grown into a major industry, with more than 100 sports teams competing across India.

Many sports leagues and competitions are open to all.

These sports also bring people together, as people compete in different events, and sometimes even go on to form teams and compete in tournaments.

This makes it easier to share knowledge and ideas.

Live can also be a term used to show solidarity with a community, as in “live together” in English.

For example, if you live in Mumbai, there will be live events in different parts of Mumbai, and in a few weeks, we will have an event in Mumbai.

Live in Mumbai means that you live here.

The Indian team can compete against the Chinese team, the team from Chennai, the Indian team from Bangalore, and so on.

And this is what has happened.

It’s the people’s sport.

We don’t have to compete with anybody else.

Live becomes a way of life.

It is a very powerful word in our language.

In fact, Live has the power to change the language.

It has taken on a new meaning for many people.

Live used to be a verb and people used to call it live and to live by the live.

But now it is a word of life, a word that has a different meaning from the past.

People now use the term live as a noun.

Live people are people who live on live.

People live by Live. This way,