A lot of gamers are using their consoles to stream gaming on Twitch now, but how does that work?

xbox Live subscriptions are growing exponentially, and now Twitch is the latest service to join the party.

Twitch users can now stream gaming to the platform’s dedicated servers, which are also used by other streaming services like YouTube.

The company says it’s the fastest way to get gamers together on a live stream.

Twitch is also the only service to offer paid subscriptions to gamers, which is a big deal for those who are already interested in streaming games.

“Twitch has become the premier gaming platform for gamers worldwide,” said Twitch CMO Matt Karpeles.

“We’re thrilled to see the growth of this market and look forward to helping grow it even more.”

For now, Twitch is only available to those who have a paid subscription to Twitch, but it’s looking like it will be expanding into other areas.

“As Twitch grows, so do the benefits that come with using Twitch as a platform for your entertainment, including better monetization and the ability to connect directly with Twitch users on Twitch,” Karpes said.

For instance, he mentioned the possibility of Twitch TV, a subscription service that lets viewers watch content on Twitch, without having to subscribe to the service.

You can watch games and streams from any platform, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video.

And if you don’t subscribe, Twitch has a subscription to Xbox Live that will let you stream games to Xbox One.

Twitch also launched an official Twitch channel in the US, where fans can watch and chat with other Twitch users in real time.