How to tell whether your smartphone is up to date with Android news

Android users are used to seeing their phones updated automatically whenever a new version of Android is released.

But there are some issues to be aware of when updating to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Here’s how to tell if your smartphone has a Marshmallow update.1.

Go to Settings > About phone and select About device.2.

Tap About phone to see the software version number.3.

Tap Update software version.4.

Tap OK to confirm.5.

Tap the notification shade to see if the update has arrived.6.

Tap Next to confirm and tap Continue.7.

Tap Install now to see your Marshmallow updates in a list.8.

If your phone has a software update, tap Next to continue.

If your phone does not have a Marsh.


Marshmallow upgrade, you’ll need to install the update manually by going to Settings, About device, Software update.9.

Tap Upgrade now.10.

Tap Continue.11.

If the software update has not installed, tap the upgrade icon to see it in action.12.

Tap Yes if you want to continue to use the Marshmallow software update.

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