How to Watch LIVE with NBA LIVE stream (Live in HD)

Live streaming of the NBA LIVE event.

You will be able to watch the live stream of the event on your television, your computer or tablet via your cable, satellite, telco or satellite TV provider.

You can also view live streams on the web, via social media.

Here is how to watch live streams: • Watch online: Follow the instructions on the live page for your local area.

• Download Live TV app: The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

• Listen to live broadcasts: Follow along with the live commentary from NBA Live and NBA Game Time officials.

Live Streaming on your TV: The NBA Live app will stream NBA games live in HD.

If you do not have a live TV subscription, the app will show you live broadcasts for free on ESPN, NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports, and TBS.

To watch live NBA events on your mobile device, you can follow along with live commentary, including game commentary, by clicking the “Watch live” button in the app or by selecting the live feed on the TV.

Live streaming: Follow live broadcasts on your smart TV.

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The NBA LIVE app is owned by ESPN and is a service of Turner Sports.