Liver & Egg Live Casino is moving to the Westside of Chicago

A Liver < Egg live casino is moving from the West Side of Chicago to the Big Apple.

The casino, which opened in 2015, has been on the East Side of the city since it opened in 2011.

The company said in a statement Monday that the move to the new location is in line with plans to expand and invest in the city’s entertainment and entertainment-related sectors.

The move comes as Liver > Egg has grown its casino operations to include live entertainment, live sports, live entertainment-themed events and live sports-themed entertainment.

Live entertainment is currently available at a number of locations around the city, with more to come, according to the statement.

The Liver & amp; Egg casino has had multiple locations in Chicago for the last decade.

The latest addition to the current Chicago location, the Chicago Sun-Times reported, is the casino’s third location, which is located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and West Clark Street.

The location will be open until March 24.

The Illinois Lottery is currently accepting applications for lottery tickets.

The current Liver &glt; Eggs locations are in the Chicago suburbs, including the Oak Park and Lakeview neighborhoods, and include the casino and a full casino-like restaurant and bar.

The Chicago Sun Times also reported that the Liver &gd; Egg will reopen to the public on the Big End of Town at the end of January, which will be the last of the three new locations.

The news comes as Illinois Lotteries is also expanding its live casino offerings.

The state’s Lottery began accepting online applications for its 2018-2019 season starting on Jan. 12.

Lottery officials said the Illinois Lotters Association and other partners will announce a timeline for their 2017-2018 season in early January.