Liver function causes fatality in man who died after being hit by car in west Delhi

The death of a man who was hit by a car in east Delhi on Saturday has reignited a debate over whether or not the country’s roads are unsafe, with many saying they could be unsafe even before the incident took place.

A man was killed and several others injured when a vehicle slammed into the car he was riding on at a junction in West Delhi’s Durgapur area on Saturday evening, a police official said.

The man was travelling on the road when a speeding vehicle overtook him on a green and he was hit from behind, the official said, adding that the car was travelling at 80km/h (50mph).

Police rushed to the spot and the man was rushed to a hospital.

“The deceased was on a red light and was not wearing a helmet, police said.”

The police will be investigating the incident and have taken strict action to prevent any other similar incident from happening again,” said Ashish Kumar, police commissioner of Durgpura police station.

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had earlier said that there was no evidence that traffic is unsafe in the area, and said it will be conducting an inquiry into the incident.

The death of the man is the latest in a spate of road accidents in India in recent weeks. “

Any driver who sees a motorist in a traffic jam in a red-light area can also lodge a complaint,” said NHAV spokesperson, Arvind Singh.

The death of the man is the latest in a spate of road accidents in India in recent weeks.

A driver was killed in January in a car accident in Kota Kinabalu district in western India, and two others died in January of car crashes in the western state of West Bengal.

India’s roads have been the subject of several protests, with activists demanding better safety measures and better treatment of pedestrians and cyclists in recent months.