What the heck happened at Baylor University?

A group of Baylor students were allegedly attacked and harassed in a parking lot last week.

According to a report in the New York Times, several students were assaulted with hammers, thrown around the campus and chased around. 

The alleged assault took place last Friday at the University of California, Berkeley.

A female student and two men were allegedly targeted and attacked, according to the report.

The women were reportedly wearing black and the men were wearing white, but their ages were not given. 

According to the Times, the women had to have had some sort of medical condition or injuries to be seriously injured.

The male students allegedly did not suffer any injuries. 

“This was an assault on women, a crime that is deeply rooted in the very history of women’s oppression,” Berkeley Police Chief Michael Czin said in a statement. 

Police are investigating the assault as a hate crime, but so far have not determined a motive. 

Baylor is the second largest university in the country and one of the most popular colleges in the world.

The university has campuses in Austin, Texas, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

It is also home to the American Institute of Architects and the School of Dentistry.