What you need to know about the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump

The White House’s inauguration is set to take place on January 20, 2017, and is being advertised as the “first day of a lifetime.”

As you can see from the above graphic, it’s a very busy and busy week.

The president has just been sworn in and a few days later, the Supreme Court is deciding whether to hear a challenge to the president’s executive order that suspended the deportation of many immigrants.

The White thesaurus has a pretty clear definition of what the White House is.

If you want to know what the president means by “white,” just check out the White house site.

But you won’t find any indication that the president intends to be inaugurated with a bang, nor any indication of how the inauguration will play out.

The inauguration will be a big deal, but not one that will change the president.

That’s because the president will still have to make decisions about the next steps in his administration, including how to deal with the ongoing civil unrest in the United States.

But the Trump administration will likely make it a point to make sure the events surrounding the inauguration are not overshadowed by the challenges that lie ahead.

It’s an understandable impulse.

After all, it was not so long ago that President Obama’s inauguration had a similar theme.

But, in this case, the focus will be on the next president, and the inauguration itself, rather than on the events that have taken place since the inauguration of President Trump.

This is not an example of how to make the transition to a new administration seamless, nor does it reflect the expectations of the new administration, or even how to prepare for the incoming one.

This will be an interesting first year for the president, one that he will likely have to adjust to, and learn from, during the transition.

The reason why the inauguration is being touted as a “first year” is because the event is not part of the president s administration.

While it is expected that the event will be attended by a large number of people, the president is still the president of the United State, and will not be the leader of the country.

The people that will attend the inauguration, and those who are attending, will be the people who voted for President Trump in the 2016 election, as well as those who will be affected by the events of the next week.

In the event that Trump loses in November, the inauguration may be a way for him to put aside the challenges he’s been facing and move forward.

That, and a couple of other things, should make it an excellent opportunity for him.

The next president’s first priority is going to be to protect the country from the next threat, not the events happening right now.

And it is the responsibility of the federal government to make that happen.

So, for the first year of his presidency, Trump will likely be dealing with the threats of the Trump Administration, and also with the civil unrest that will continue to affect the country for the next few months.

Trump has also been criticized for his response to the protests.

He did, for example, tweet a picture of himself with a giant Confederate flag that he didn’t intend to display in his inaugural parade, and he also tweeted that it was disrespectful to those who marched in the Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama.

That tweet came shortly after he made the statement that he was going to “make America great again.”

Trump has had to face criticism for his actions during the protests, and his response was often controversial.

However, he also has an obligation to uphold the Constitution and to uphold American values, and that includes upholding the rule of law.

When Trump has a difficult time dealing with a situation, it is a natural thing for him and his administration to take a look at what can be done to better address the situation.

It is also a natural part of a president s job to look at the events and to make adjustments to address the problem.

When the events around Trump’s inauguration are overshadowed by a situation that will be in the headlines, then it will be harder for the Trump presidency to get things done.

And that is the kind of issue that Trump has to consider, as he prepares for his inauguration.

Trump is still a businessman, but he is also the president who has made a name for himself as a successful businessman.

If the Trump inauguration is going well, then the presidency is going fine, and if the inauguration fails, then things will likely get a lot worse.

That is a situation where Trump has been extremely successful.

He has amassed a massive fortune from the sale of his real estate holdings, he has made significant financial contributions to various causes, and, of course, he is well known for being very generous to those he deems deserving.

But that is not the case with the inauguration.

This presidency is likely to be a very stressful and turbulent one.

That means that the inauguration event will likely draw a lot of attention, and it is likely that a lot