When does the world start to believe Hillary Clinton is a woman again?

The first lady has had a turbulent time in her career, a history of being under fire for personal scandals and a history where she often felt her political stature eroded by the media.

But as the race for the Democratic nomination heats up, Hillary Clinton appears to have found her stride.

A new CNN/ORC International poll shows her standing in the battleground state of Pennsylvania is up by three points, and the former first lady now holds a 14-point lead over her nearest Republican challenger.

That’s a huge advantage for Hillary Clinton, who has led in Pennsylvania in four of the last six polls taken in the state, including a four-point gain in a CBS News poll taken after Clinton lost the presidential race in 2016.

The latest poll shows Clinton with 48 percent support, compared with 32 percent for Trump and 13 percent for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

The survey was conducted Jan. 10-14 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

It’s a dramatic shift from last month when Clinton’s support in Pennsylvania was up six points to 38 percent.

But the Pennsylvania race is far from over, and a Trump win in the Keystone State would send the race into a tight race.

And while Clinton continues to hold a commanding lead in the polls, the Democratic nominee is still struggling in the swing state of Florida, where her approval rating has sunk to a new low of 30 percent.

That means that Trump is poised to win the state and have the presidency, even if it is a narrow victory in a state that has not gone for a Democrat since 1972.

Clinton’s support is down 11 points in Florida since January, according to the CNN poll, while her overall rating is up 13 points.

Trump is up 7 points in the Sunshine State.

And while Clinton is on track to beat Trump in both Pennsylvania and Florida, her standing has not improved.

The poll shows a slight edge for Trump in Pennsylvania, but she still leads Trump by five points in that state.

The CNN poll also shows Clinton’s approval rating in Florida has declined from 53 percent to 47 percent since January.

That’s down from an 85 percent rating in the last poll taken before the election.

Clinton is also faring well in North Carolina, which is a battleground state where Trump won the state by a landslide in 2016 but where she struggled to find traction in the months following.

The poll shows Trump’s approval ratings have increased from 35 percent to 40 percent.

The state is a key swing state for both candidates, and Clinton is projected to carry the state in November.

Clinton has an 18-point advantage over Johnson in North Dakota, where the Libertarian is in a statistical dead heat with Clinton, the poll shows.

But Johnson is still trailing in the Tar Heel State by 5 points.

Clinton leads Trump in the Granite State by five in Pennsylvania but is down four points in New Hampshire, where she leads by 10 points.

The Democratic nominee has a slight lead in North Carolinas, which includes North Carolina and the Carolinas south, but a narrow advantage in Florida, according a CNN/Orc International poll taken between March 14-18.

Trump leads by 5 in the Garden State, but the poll has Clinton leading by four points there.

The Republican nominee is expected to win Florida, North Carolina by a narrow margin, and New Hampshire.