When will weather coverage on the ABC be available to viewers in Australia?

With Australia set to host the first live coverage of Super Bowl LI on ABC on Sunday, here are the latest weather updates on the channel.


Australia: It is expected to be sunny and clear on Sunday and a clear air day should begin around 11am, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) says.

The wind should be blowing from the west-east, with gusts up to 40km/h.

The high is expected around 26.5C.

A few scattered showers are possible on the west coast, but the low will be around 4C.

Temperatures are expected to peak around 10.5-11.5 C and the high is around 23C.

Rainfall is forecast around 20mm and gusts could reach 50km/hr, the BoM says.

It’s the last day of a busy period for Australia, with the Commonwealth Games opening on Sunday.


Australia, WA: High temperatures will continue to be high on Sunday as temperatures in WA peak around 25C.

The temperature will be in the 30s and the rain is forecast to fall to 20mm.

There are a few scattered scattered showers in WA, but they will be minimal and the wind will be from the south-west.


Australia and New Zealand: High wind, rain, gusty conditions are expected in New Zealand as a cold front moves over the Pacific Ocean.

A cool front is moving in the west and the south east of Australia, while in WA the cold front is shifting north-east towards the coast of Western Australia.

Winds will be gusty in the north and north-west with gusty rain in the south and east.

The heat is forecast for the southern parts of New Zealand.


Australia as a whole: A low pressure system will move over the western Pacific Ocean from the central Pacific and move into the Indian Ocean, forming a low pressure ridge over the eastern seaboard of Australia.

It will be moving at up to 30km/hour.

It is forecasted to be in a trough over the state of Victoria with gustier winds than that of the storm that struck Tasmania on Sunday morning.


New Zealand and New South Wales: High winds are expected on the northern beaches of the Cook Islands as a low over the northern coast of New South Welsh Territory develops.

Temperations are expected around 10C.

Winds are forecast to be 10-20km/hp with gusting rain.


Australia’s capital: Perth will get its first sunny and clean day in more than 20 years.

High temperatures are expected for the city around 20C and temperatures are forecasted at around 5C.

Perth has had a relatively quiet week so far and there is some scattered showers and rain.

There is no chance of rain or hail.


Australia (other than WA): A cold front will move through the eastern United States over the weekend.

The low will move into New Zealand around noon and the central Atlantic will move in from the eastern Pacific towards the western part of the continent.

The cold front moving into the eastern US is the first one since Super Bowl XXXVII in January.

It should remain in the central eastern United states.


The weather forecast for New Zealand is cloudy and cold with a high of around 25 Celsius.

The forecast is for rain to fall over most of New England and southern portions of the state.

There should be a high in the South Island.


Australia will have its first tropical cyclone of the season on Sunday afternoon, which is the same day as the first tropical storm of the year in Australia.

There will be some scattered storms in New South Wales, Tasmania and New England.


Australia has its first major hurricane of the spring.

The system will pass over the Southern Ocean and weaken towards the central Great Barrier Reef on Sunday evening.

The storm will develop as a tropical depression by the evening.


Australia is likely to get its second tropical cyclones of the fall season on Monday afternoon, with a strong tropical cyclonic storm forming in the western and central Australian coastlines and moving inland towards Queensland.

A storm will then form in the southern areas of the Southern Alps on Tuesday morning, with winds over 50km per hour.

It may be possible for showers to form along the coast.


Australia could get its third tropical cyclony of the winter.

It could be the strongest storm to reach the southern regions of New Caledonia, with high winds and gusty surf conditions expected along the northern coasts.

There may be a few showers and a tropical storm warning issued along the coasts.


Australia may get its fourth tropical cyclonoma on Tuesday afternoon.

It won’t be a super cyclone but a strong storm could form in New England on Tuesday evening.

A strong storm will form over the Eastern Highlands and move inland towards the Great Barrier Island on Tuesday night.


Australia might get its fifth