Which team is leading the charge in #WhiteLivesMatter?

Lehigh Valley Live host Steve Gagnon asked his Twitter followers to weigh in on whether #WhiteMassesMatter movement is a movement that is a force for change, or a movement to continue ignoring the pain of racism.

The answer was simple: It was a movement for change.

Gagnon is an outspoken advocate of the movement, but he also recently called out the current media-driven narrative on race.

Gaglione recently called for the media to stop using the word #WhitePeopleMatter as a generic term for #BlackLivesNoMatter, and instead use the word “BlackLightsMatter.”

Gagnons tweets have been retweeted over 100,000 times.

He’s been featured on various talk shows, and has been named the number one radio personality in America for 2018 by The Today Show.

Gaguon said the movement to #WhiteHandsMatter was created by the white supremacists, and that the #Whitelivesmatter hashtag has a lot of power to change the way people view racism and police brutality.

“They’ve got an enormous amount of support in this country, and they’ve got the media, and it’s an incredibly powerful movement,” Gagnons tweeted on Wednesday.

“They can be so powerful.

They can make a change.”

In the aftermath of #WhitePersMatter’s inception, Gagnona called on people to use the hashtag to call out the media and social justice warriors who are doing everything they can to erase #WhiteRacism and #WhiteSupremacy.

“The white supremacists have their own agenda and they’re trying to do everything they possibly can to make white people believe that white people are the problem,” Gaguon added.

“So the media can’t say ‘No, it’s not the white people.’

It’s white people who are the problems.”

Gaguons tweet was followed by several responses from Twitter users who disagreed with his sentiment.”@SteveGagnona @KairynGross @KraigSpencer you’re so naive and ignorant.

You think you can stop white supremacists and other white supremacists from killing and destroying black lives?,” one user wrote.”

You need to be more honest about what you think and believe,” another wrote.

“White Lives Matter is an oxymoron.

It’s an idea that blames all of us, and even black lives, for our own oppression.

It has nothing to do with race,” another person wrote.

Giggin’ up the #BlackRacists is a great way to make me angry.

I’m so tired of being lied to.

#WhiteIStandTogether — Jodi (@jodi__hope) March 28, 2019Gagnoni said that he’s personally been targeted by the #Brownshirts, but that the white supremacist movement is growing and he’s not immune to the hate.

“I’m not a racist, I’m a human being.

I am not a violent person, I am a person who thinks that a human person is not equal,” Gaglionis told LehighValleyLive.

“I’m sick of being the target of hate.”